Keep our Employees Safe

Coastal Mechanical hard at work

At Coastal, we are always thinking about keeping our employees safe. Our safety department is on the look out for safety issues that need to be addressed, corrected, or taught.

As an employee, we are all part of the Safety Team. If you ever see an unsafe condition, or an employee doing something “unsafe”.


By saying something you could be avoiding an injury to an employee or yourself. Our Safety managers are available to help correct safety issues or teach employees the safest way to work.

Our Toolbox Talks each week are meant to remind our employees of different ways to avoid injuries. If you see a Toolbox Talk repeated it is most likely because a reminder is needed for that particular subject.

Employees have PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to use when necessary. It is important that we use it correctly. Gloves, goggles, hard hats etc, can only protect us if we use them correctly.

The safety of our employees in not only important to our company, but it is important to our families. Our employees work to earn a living. They want to spend their time “living” with their families.

Our guiding principles with regard to Safety:

  • Think SAFETY with every action we take
  • Take the extra time to do it the safest way
  • Don’t rush, slow down, and do it safely.
  • Always work the safest way possible.
  • If we are not sure it is safe, we seek out more information.

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