Coastal Mechanical Gracias

One thing that most people can agree on, is that communication can make or break an organization. Coastal Mechanical prides itself on continually looking for ways to improve communication throughout the organization.  As you might imagine, communication can be a challenge especially when the organization is spread across a large geographic area. Additionally, when employees speak different languages, the challenge is compounded. We have a significant number of awesome employees whose native language is Spanish.  We offer reimbursement for English classes, and also translate many of our documents so that they are available in Spanish. We utilize face to face interactions, email, text, social media, newsletters, and weekly announcements so help distribute information.  Recently, we had 7 supervisors and managers who voluntarily completed a 6-week Spanish class on Zoom through Brevard Adult Education.  We are so grateful for their commitment to improving communication and showing respect for the culture of those who make up such a large part of our team.

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