Our project managers bring together all parties and recognize every consideration from start to finish, which ensures the best possible outcome on every job. We approach design-build projects with our Zero-Change-Order philosophy, working directly with design teams from start to finish to ensure mechanical systems are the best, most cost-effective solutions. We ensure every aspect of a facility is supported by mechanical systems that best suit its purposes and operations, including energy efficiency, building occupancy and budget.

CAD/BIM Services

Coastal Mechanical’s team of design engineers is integral to our leadership in embracing Building Information Modeling, which compresses the construction cycle and ultimately reduces costs. BIM follows the lifecycle of a project, leveraging coordination among multiple disciplines and the latest technology. At Coastal, BIM starts with our 3-D CAD systems and the wide range of trade knowledge and flexibility inherent in our staff. Before any materials are ever purchased, the miles of pipe and ductwork for plumbing, electrical, HVAC and other project requirements are brought to life as 3-D models.

Potential collisions, more accurate fittings, materials considerations, and space issues are addressed virtually, avoiding additional costs and delays at the construction site. BIM lets us develop the most economical solutions before construction, and we integrate it into everything we do.