Change is Where the Growth Happens

Change is Growth

Coastal Mechanical was awarded the 2021 ABC Excellence in Construction Eagle Award.

We all live in incredibly unique times and many of us have been impacted in various ways these past few years while we all adjust to the “new normal.” The old saying, that “nothing is consistent but change” has and will always ring true but it is through these changes that growth happens.

Here at Coastal Mechanical, we are not immune to changes, and while many employees think of the current moment in time, it is often best to reflect internally and externally on all the growth Coastal Mechanical has accomplished over the past 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and find comfort in knowing, our growth will continue. The blessing of this company is no one individual has single handedly been responsible for the growth and success of Coastal Mechanical. It has been because of the many amazing former and current employees who have positioned this company for the future opportunities we look forward to every day.

All employees, at some point in their career, have or will be asked to step outside their comfort zone and into a new position, a new role of leadership or new role to the company. These opportunities are where growth occurs.

It is easy to sit back and stay in your comfort zone, complain, blame others, gossip because someone else was promoted and not you, or watch others fail but these create wedges in a team. To be successful, individually, and collectively, every single employee plays a critical role to be their best, support their teammates and focus on success as a team, and not as an individual. We are not individuals working for Coastal Mechanical but a team of the best damn employees in Florida!

Words cannot express the sincere respect and appreciation I have towards every employee. It is an honor to be a part of this team and to watch everyone be successful together. You are what makes it easy for us to sit in front of an Owner, Customer, Engineer and have the confidence to look across the table and know, there is NO better team to represent than COASTAL MECHANICAL.

Please, hug and love your family and friends every day because they are why we do what we do!

Drew Barnes -Vice President, Business Development & Estimating

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