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Mullrenan Middle School work

Coastal Mechanical was awarded the 2021 ABC Excellence in Construction Eagle Award.

Tight time line— no problem! This project exemplifies our ability to work quickly and creatively to solve complex problems. Not only did we install the new AHU, but we built a new structural steel support system to hold it.  The curve ball was that there were existing pneumatic transport lines on the roof.  Instead of delaying the project to allow for the lines to be relocated, our team came up with a plan to install the steel around the existing lines. Not only was this an Access unit that required it be build piece by piece, but the location proved to be problematic for the delivery of materials. We employed a scaffolding system to get the pieces up and over the existing pipe and duct and over to the location where the new unit would be built.

Project Scope

HVAC Scope:

    • Install new ClimateCraft RTU
    • Electrical and Fire Alarm
    • Fire Sprinkler
    • Temp Cooling
    • Roofing
    • Structural Steel
    • Ductwork and Accessories
    • Duct Cleanliness per SMACNA
    • Duct Cleanliness
    • Standards Level C
    • Fire/Smoke Damper Actuators
    • Temperature Controls (Assistance Only)
    • Test and Balance ( Coordination and assistance only
    • HVAC Insulation

    General Requirements:

    • Crane and Rigging
    • Firestopping and Acoustical Caulking
    • Demolition
    • Access Doors
    • Collection of self-generated trash and debris
    • Equipment Rental
    • Start-up and formal Owner’s training at the conclusion of the project Commissioning

Quick Facts

Type: Lump Sum
Size <$500K
Contract Value: $405,164.00
Duration: 50 days
1,686 man-hours
100 ton Air Handling Unit
15,240 CFM supply air flow
48″spiral double wall
SA duct
42″ sprial double wall
R/A duct
140′ of piping
Creative installation with zero accidents, minimal hospital disruption
Advent Health Orlando Chem Lab